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The Laya Project could not have happened without the many people who came together for this production from across the different cultures of Canada, the Netherlands, Israel, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.


Laya Project has been produced by EarthSync at their recording studio Clementine (India) in association with Boo Films (Malaysia).



Executive Producer

Sastry Karra


Sonya Mazumdar and Joanne de Rozario

Film Director

Harold Monfils

Music Director

Patrick Sebag

Sound Design, Music & Recording

Yotam Agam

Editing and Post-Production

Arturo Calvete, Henrik Sikstrom, Jose Garrido

Line Producer & Research

Ernest Hariyanto

Still Photography

Timur Angin

Stage and Light Design

Jackie Shemesh

Director of Photography

Cheong Yuk Hoy, Agung Dewantoro


Special thanks are given to the people of Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Maldives, India and
Indonesia, an integral part of Laya Project’s music.







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