A New Day - Laya Project Remixed

Five years after the Laya Project journey began, loved and respected musicians and remixers from cities across USA, UK, Germany, Israel, India and New Zealand come together in collaboration with the recordings from far away, remote lands, for a union of electronic and traditional music.
Bridging the distance, urban music embraces diverse traditions and cultures in Laya Project’s musical celebration of life.
CD 1
A New Day (Pitch Black Remix)
Remixed by Pitch Black - Michael Hodgson, Paddy Free

Nium Nium (EarthRise SoundSystem Remix)
Remixed by EarthRise SoundSystem, Mixed by Steve Mac; Kora: Balla Tounkara Guitar: Shahar Mintz; Beats, Percussion, Bass, Additional Instruments: Duke Mushroom; Remixed at Sounds Of the Mushroom, NYC.

Glorious Sun (Bhakti Brothers Remix feat. MC Yogi)
Remixed by MC Yogi and Robin Livingston of the Bhakti Brothers. Additional lyrics written by MC Yogi.

Sunset in Akkarai (Desert Dwellers Remix)
Remixed by Desert Dwellers , Keyboards, Synths and Programming: Amani Friend and Rara Avis

Hai La Sa (Eastern Spirit Remix)
Remixed by Eastern Spirit

Glorious Sun-Ya Allah-Muliya-Farihi (Ferenz Kallos Remix)
Remixed by Ferenz Kallos

Muliya (Shaman's Dream Remix)
Remixed by Shaman’s Dream, Produced by Craig Kohland and Rara Avis; Drums, bass, synths, Keyboards, programming: Craig Kohland and Rara Avis

Sunrise in Injumbakam (Pathaan's Tribute Remix)
Remixed by Pathaan

Glorious Sun (Karsh Kale Brand New Dawn Mix)
Remixed by Karsh Kale; Engineered by Gaurav Raina; Additional Production: Tapan Raj; Produced and Mixed at Midival Studios Delhi; Keyboards, synths, piano and programming: Karsh Kale

CD 2
A New Day (Genuine Remix)
Remixed by Chris Zippel a.k.a. Genuine; Additional percussion by D. Beaucanon

Tapattam (Dub Gabriel Remix)
Remixed by Dub Gabriel, Produced by Dub Gabriel; Engineer: Mark Pistel and Dub Gabriel

Ya Allah (Sufi Dubstars Remix - Celt Islam and DJ UMB feat. Dawoud Kringle)
Remixed by DJ UMB; Editor (Generation Bass)

Sunset in Akkarai (Desert Dwellers Dance Remix)
Remixed by Desert Dwellers; Keyboards, synths and programming: Amani Friend and Rara Avis

Touare (The Ambergris Remix – Cheb i Sabbah)
Remixed by Cheb i Sabbah; Engineered by Gaurav Raina

Ya Allah (The Please Wipe Our Tears Remix – Cheb I Sabbah)
Remixed by Cheb i Sabbah; Engineered by Gaurav Raina

Rain Buddha (dimmSummer Remix)
Remixed by dimmSummer, Engineered by Sankar Sury

Katalu Talu (MIDIval PunditZ Remix)
Remixed by MIDIval PunditZ; Additional Programming: Karsh Kale

Going To Seville (Kaya Project Remix)
Remixed by Seb Taylor; Kaya Project appears courtesy of Interchill Records

Hai La Sa (Nickodemus Remix)
Remixed by Nickodemus, Nickodemus appears courtesy of Wonderwheel Recordings

Farihi (Fabian Alsultany Remix)
Remixed by GlobeSonic DJ Fabian Alsultany, Engineered by EL Copeland and Kartick & Gotam, Bansuri Flute: Steve Gorn

Laya Mantra (Kartick & Gotam Yalla Mantra Remix)
Remixed by Patrick Sebag and Yotam Agam / Kartick & Gotam

Laya Mantra (Kartick & Gotam Yalla Mantra Remix)
Remixed by Patrick Sebag and Yotam Agam / Kartick & Gotam

All music, lyrics and arrangements including traditional arrangements published by EarthSync India Pvt. Ltd © & ℗ 2010 EarthSync India Pvt. Ltd.

Compiled and produced by Joshua Jacobs, Synaptic Fusion Entertainment
Mastered by Yotam Agam and Ramesh K. V.; Assistant Engineers: Noam Levinberg, Ramesh K. V., Sanjay Sadasivan.

Laya Project Original Tracks: Musically Produced by Patrick Sebag; Recorded on location (India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Indonesia, Myanmar), and at Clementine Studios Chennai, India by Yotam Agam and Patrick Sebag. Madras String Section recorded in A. R. Rehman’s A.M. Studios, Chennai India by Yotam Agam; Assistant Engineers: Shivakumar, Nisha Chandak, Raj Prakash Paul, Kaushik Rao, Samuel Sundara Prabhu, Mohan Mahesan, Dipanshu Mitra, Hema Ramachandran; Mixing and Mastering by Yotam Agam, Clementine Studios, Chennai, India.

An EarthSync Production Executive Producer: Sastry Karra | Producer, Writer & Content: Sonya Mazumdar | Music Producer: Patrick Sebag | Sound Design, Music and Recording: Yotam Agam | Still Photography: Timur Angin | Design: Lital Kolmer | Packaging: EarthSync and Effex Colour Screens, India.